Betty Yee is running to be vice-chair of the California Democratic Party!

December 4, 2020


The honor of your support

Dear friends,

I officially announce my candidacy for Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party.

I have had the privilege to serve as California’s chief fiscal officer since 2015. This will neither change nor pose a conflict when serving as CDP Vice Chair. I am running for Vice Chair to further my activist leadership in the Party, the Party where I have consistently shown up and financially supported the work and tools for our grassroots operations.

I appreciate there are other candidates in this race. I am not running against them, but rather am running to ensure the largest Democratic Party in the United States leads in moving forward to rebuild a more just and inclusive economy and society. The bitter divisions we are witnessing across our nation have every potential to take hold more deeply in our state if the actions of this Democratic Party are not ground-truthed by the lived experiences of Californians in our diverse regions and communities.

It is time for the California Democratic Party to bridge the disconnect between the lived experiences of Californians and our actions — to lift communities by elevating the voices of leaders emerging from our diverse communities to serve in elected offices at all levels of government, and to deliver real assistance and relief with intention and urgency.

It is time for the California Democratic Party to be the standard bearer for true and lasting economic and racial equity and justice, with this lens guiding our every action to build community power and resiliency in every part of our state.

Grassroots. Ground truths. Equity. Justice. Let these be the hallmarks of the California Democratic Party’s work to yes, build back better. Millions of Californians are depending on us.

I would be honored to earn your support and vote for Vice Chair of our California Democratic Party.



Standing with Betty

Institutional Endorsers:

San Mateo Central Labor Council

Individual Endorsers:

Abra Castle, San Francisco
Ada Briceno, Democratic Party of Orange County Chair, DNC Member
Adrienne Grey, Trustee, West Valley-Mission CCD
Agi Kessler, CDP Resolutions Committee Lead Co-chair
Alan J. Haffa, Monterey City Council Member
Alec Schiller, San Diego
Alyce Brown, San Francisco
Amy Wiwuga (Kazanegras), Tarzana
Anamarie Avila Farias, Trustee Board Member
Angelica Tellechea, CoFounder, Natomas Dem Club
Angelo Farooq, Riverside School Board Member
Anne Cameron, Central Committee Member, AD 73
Anu Natarajan, Former Vice Mayor of Fremont
Art Torres, CDP Chair Emeritus
Augustin Beltran, N. CA Carpenters Regional Council
Barbara F Leary, Democratic Party Sacramento County
Basim Elkarra, CDP Affirmative Action Committee lead Co-chair
Bill Monroe, CDP Region 1 East Director

“Betty is a hard, dedicated worker and will get the job done! Very trustworthy!”

Bobbiejean Anderson, LACDP and CDP E-board Member

Bonnie Shatun, Sherman Oaks
Brendalynn Goodall, ACDCC Member
Brian Conley, Big Bear Lake
Brian T. Murtha, Santa Cruz
Brigette Hunley, CDP Computer and Internet Caucus Chair
Brodie Hilp, President of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club
Bob Alvarado, N. CA Carpenters Regional Council Executive Officer
Cara Robin, Los Angeles
Carol Reed Toms, Concord
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, State Assembly Member
Cedrik Zemitis, Bishop

“Betty Yee will lead the Democratic Party into the future with skill and confidence. She is a leader for us all.”

Catherine Romley, Bakersfield

Ces Rosales, Policy Issues Chair, CDP Women’s Caucus
Cheryl Renee Elliott, San Joaquin DCC Chair
Chelsea Bonini, San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee
Cheryl Cook, Former Pleasanton Council Member
Chih-Wu Chang, Carlsbad
Christine McGinnis, Danville
Cindy Wu, Mountain View School District Board Member
Claire Fitiausi, Former Kings County Democratic Party Chair
Coco Raner-Walter, Lomond
Connye Thomas, Los Angeles
D. Dianne Landeros, Redlands
Dan Jacobson, Tustin
Daniel Tamm, CDP E-board, 46th AD
Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento Mayor
Darrow Sprague, Member, Democratic Party of Sacramento County
David Campos, San Francisco DCCC Chair
David Hyman, County Central Committee Member, 46th AD
David Troxel, Sacramento

“I feel that the party is very fortunate that Betty Yee is running for Vice Chair.”

Deborah Scarborough, San Luis Obispo DCCC Member, District 1

Debra Broner, CDP Region 1 West Director
Debra Pearson, AD 25 Representative
Denise Penn, San Clemente
DeniAntionette Mazingo, Esq.
Diana Love, CDP, Region 9 Regional Director
Diana Prola, San Leandro School Board Trustee
Diane Wallace, Manhattan Beach
Dillon Savory, Fresno
Dion Aroner, Berkeley Former Assemblywoman
Dinah Frieden, Assembly Delegate
Dolores Huerta, Bakersfield
Doris Dent, AD 45 Delegate
Dotty LeMieux, Fairfax
Doug Kessler, Selma
Eleanor Moses, Albany, CA
Elizabeth Badger, Winnetka
Elle (Ellen) Kurpiewski, Rancho Mirage
Ellen Debach Riley, Placer County Delegate
Elvira Harris, Rancho Cucamunga
Eric Sunderland, CDP Region 3 Director
Eric Overholt, San Diego
Erma Hall-Wood
Florice Orea Hoffman, CDP Region 17 Chair
Fran Sdao, Chair Emeritus, Democratic Party of Orange County
Frank Lima, VP of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)
Frank D. Russo, Former Democratic Party Chair Alameda Co.
Fred Ross, Berkeley
Gail Gaston, Elected Member, Fresno County DCC 
Gail Willis, Los Angeles
Gary F. Jimenez, AD18 Delegate
George Bates, Chair Trinity County DCC

“Betty Yee is a steadfast advocate fighting for equality, diversity, transparency, social justice and equity. It is my honor to support her candidacy.”

George Perezvelez, Berkeley

Gerald Cochran, Retired Del Norte County Assessor
Gil Dong, Oakland
Gino Kwok, HLPUSD School Board Member
Guy Strahl, Elected Member, Democratic Party of Sacramento County
Hans Johnson, Los Angeles
Heidi M Hall, Chair, Nevada County Board of Supervisors
Helen Chapman, Secretary, SCCDP
Helen Conly, Delegate Ventura County Democratic Central Committee
Helen Wolter, Elected Member, San Mateo County DCC
Hene Kelly, CDP Region 6 Director and Disabilities Caucus Chair
Henry Lo, Monterey Park Mayor Pro Tem
Henry Stern, State Senator
Hala Hijazi, San Francisco, CA
Holly Mitchell, State Senator, Los Angeles County Supervisor-elect
Howard Wayne, San Diego
Hussam Ayloush, Corona
Juan Uranga, Salinas, SD 12 Delegate
Jackie Smith, State Assembly District 6 Candidate
James Farley, Alameda County Democratic Central 20th AD
Jamie Beutler, El Dorado Hills
Janet Bell, Auburn, CA
Janet Cox, Appointed AD 15 Rep
Janice Burstin, Laguna Woods
Jeffrey Blair, Salinas
Jeff Prang, Assessor, County of Los Angeles
Jeff Tyrrell, County & State Central Committee Delegate
Jerilyn Stapleton, Co-Chair Legislative Committee
Jerome Pandell, Alamo
Jerry Castañon Sr., Former Dixon Council Member
Jim Gonzalez, Former San Francisco Supervisor

“Betty is one of the most competent Democratic elected officials we know.”

Jim Prola, Former San Leandro Vice Mayor

Joan Dunn, Sacramento
John Burton, CDP Chair Emeritus
John Gooding, Emeryville
John MacMurray, La Habra
Jordan Eldridge, Cupertino
Joy Frew, Fallbrook
Joy Sterling, CDP Rural Caucus Chair
Judy Pipkin, Director SCCDP
Julie D. Soo, San Francisco
Julie Olsen, Valencia
Justin Ramirez, Long Beach
Kari Birdseye, Benicia
Kathy Neal, Oakland
Katie Ricklefs, Contra Costa DCC First Vice Chair
Kerri Asbury, Sacramento
Kevin McClarty, Elected Member, Stanislaus County DCC, Dist. 3 Member
Kevin McNamara, Solano County DCC
Khin Khin Gyi, Culver City
Laura Anderson, Davis
Leah K. Herzberg, Elected Member, LACDP AD 45 and CDP E-board
Libby Schaaf, Oakland Mayor
Linda Moulton-Patterson, Former Huntington Beach Mayor
Linda S Wah, PCC Board of Trustees
Lisa Middleton, Palm Springs City Council, District 5
Lorena Gonzalez, State Assembly Member
Lori G Anzini, El Dorado Irrigation Board of Directors, District 4
Lou LaMonte, Former Malibu Mayor
Lynette P. Henley, Solano County DCC and CDP Region 2 Director 
Marcia Hanscom, Playa Del Rey
Marilyn Riley, San Diego County Democratic Party, AD71
Mark Ramos, CDP Region 11 Director
Mark Stone, State Assembly Member
Mark Strubbe, Asst. Treasurer, Calaveras County DCC
Marsha Conant, Fresno
Martha Camacho Rodriguez, Downey
Martha McClure, Former Del Norte Supervisor

“Betty Yee is a compassionate, pragmatic, professional public servant who listens and gets things done.”

Matthew M. Campos, Rev., GCDF, Morongo Valley CSD Director

Maureen Steiner, Coronado
Maxie Juzang, Tarzana
Maxime Perry, Marin County
Meyer Bendavid, Alternate Democratic Central Committee
Michael Barnett, Oakland
Michael Colbruno, Oakland
Michael Evans, Former Fresno County Democratic Party Chair
Michael Kusiak, Castro Valley Unified School District Trustee
Michael Nye, Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee
Michele (Mickey) Laws, Mountain Bears Dem Club President, SBCDCC
Michele Reed, AD 54
Mike McGuire, State Senator
Molly A. Muro, DPOC Member
Molly Watson
Monica Brown, Solano County Supervisor
Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney
Nancy Skinner, State Senator
Nathaniel Epstein, Lake Forest
Nick Akers, Burlingame
Nina Sharky, Alhambra
Pamela Aguilar, Concord
Patricia Brown JD, Fresno County DCC Member #3
Patrick Dowd Weiss, ADEM 42 Delegate
Patrick Kennedy, Sacramento County Supervisor
Patty Berg, Former State Assemblywoman
Patty Cappelluti, Fresno
Paul Cohen, DCC of Marin County Chair
Paula Bauer, Vallejo
Peggye Jackson, AD55 Delegate, President, Tri Counties Democratic Club
Prameela Bartholomeusz, AD 24 Delegate
Primo Castro, CDP Region 15 Director
Raj Salwan, Fremont City Council Member
Raymond J Bishop, Chair, CDP Business & Professional Caucus
Ramon Espinal, San Diego
Reggie Jones-Sawyer, State Assembly Member
Renee Nahum, Los Angeles
Rhodesia Ransom, Tracy City Council Member
Rita Saenz, Sacramento
Robert Garcia, Long Beach Mayor
Robert Grand, San Diego County DCC Member
Robert Hunter, Castaic
Robert Rivas, State Assembly Member
Robin Torello, Alameda Clunty DCC Chair
Ron Galperin, Los Angeles City Controller
Rudy Espinoza-Murray
Ruth Carter, Chair, CDP Senior Caucus Chair
Ruth Hull, Santa Ana
Ruth Musser-Lopez, Needles, CA
Sal Roselli, NUHW President
Dr. Samila Amanyraoufpoor, CFA Dominguez Hills Political Action Chair

“Betty Yee is the rare elected official who never lost her commitment to the grassroots Democratic Party.   She traverses the state campaigning for candidates from School Board to President of the United States.  It’s an honor to lend my name to the list of supporters.”

Sandra Lowe, DNC Member

Sandra Sanchez, Pasadena
Sanobar Baig, AD 55 Delegate
Sean Boyd, Fresno
Sergio Carrillo, CDP Region 16 Chair
Shawn Kumagai, Dublin City Council Member
Shawn Terris, Ventura
Stephen Gale, Santa Rosa
Steve Blount, North Orange County Community College District Trustee
Sue Hamill, Walnut Creek
Sue Higgins, Oakley Vice Mayor
Susan Pfeifer, ADEM E-board Delegate
Susan Rowe, Madera County Democratic Party Chair
Susanne (Sue) Gallagher, Los Molinos
Susanne Gundy, Member, Tulare County Democratic Central Committee
Suzanna Aguilera-Marrero, Tulare
Suzann Reina, County Central Committee 36th AD
Sydney Kamlager, State Assembly Member
Sylvia Lopez, Chairperson, Sierra County Democrats
Taisha Brown, CDP Black Caucus Chair
Ted Perle, Lake Forest
Thomas O’Shaughnessy, CDP Irish American Caucus Chair
Thomas Wong, San Gabriel Valley MWD Director
Tim Paulson, CDP Labor Caucus Chair
Tom Hallinan, Ceres, CA
Val Muchowski, Mendocino Women’s Political Coalition Chair
Xavier Martinez, Sacramento
Yvonne Walker, SEIU Local 1000 President
Yvonne Wheeler, AFGE National Representative
Waymond Fermon, City of Indio Mayor Pro-Tem
Wendy Bloom, Member Alameda County Central Committee AD 15


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