A More Fair Tax Structure

To ensure the security and stability of California’s budget through good times and economic downturns, Betty recognizes that we must rethink our outdated and inefficient tax structure. Betty knows that comprehensive tax reform is critical and must be a thoughtful initiative that recognizes that every Californian is a stakeholder in reform. As Controller, Betty is working to develop a fairer tax structure that supports job creation through economic development and sustains economic growth, and at the same time, facilitates sound fiscal management. Within her first four months of taking office, Betty created a Council of Economic Advisors from a variety of backgrounds in academics, labor, business, economics, and government to examine myriad ideas for comprehensive tax reform in California and the potential impacts of various tax reform proposals. In an economy where automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics are becoming increasingly common, Betty believes California’s tax system must continue to support — now and in the future — the development of our human capital.

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Experience matters. Betty will continue to build on her record of toughness, fairness and integrity