Why I’m Running

We have the power to make California add up for all of us again—for our youth, our families, our communities, for our democracy, and our planet.

— Betty Yee

The affordability crisis is hurting millions of Californians and their families, raising serious questions about what the coming years will bring for our state. People worry that we have no power over our future in California, but I know we do. I believe that with competent, accountable leadership, with a state government that is more connected to the needs of everyday people, and with a governor who knows where every dollar in the state budget is and how to get the most out of every one of those dollars, we can build a California that truly adds up for all of us.

I Am Ready to Be:

  • The Affordability Governor: I am ready to be the governor who tackles the affordability crisis in California to lift millions of Californians and their families into the middle class.
  • The Accountability Governor: I will bring accountable, transparent leadership to Sacramento. Many Californians have lost faith in our state government’s ability to be responsive and deliver results. We must repair that trust.
  • The Climate Governor: I will work with urgency to address the climate crisis, involving environmental justice communities bearing the most disproportionate burdens to make sure they are not left behind.
  • The Inclusive Governor: I will uplift all communities in California, understanding we can solve our challenges most effectively with the lived experiences of Californians throughout the state informing our solutions. I will defend our essential freedoms—including our reproductive freedom, freedom to live in safe communities, and freedom to make a good living.

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