Full Participation by Women in Our Economy

Betty strongly advocates for policies that foster full participation of women in our economy — from the availability, accessibility, and affordability of quality family planning and reproductive health services, child care, elder care, family leave policies, and safe workplaces free of harassment to supporting more women in decision-making leadership roles in elected office and in the corporate boardroom. Women significantly shape our national economy, making up 47% of the nation’s workers and contributing $7.6 trillion annually to the national gross domestic product. Investing in women’s employment and gender pay parity has a multiplier effect because women reinvest a greater share of their earnings in their families and communities than do men. Betty sponsored legislation that was signed into law which required that employers with 5 or more employees provide sexual harassment training to all employees: what constitutes sexual harassment, how to report it, and resources available to assist employees.  Moreover, her office has compiled resources to help women and families become financially fit with their personal finances:  from opening a first bank account, entering or re-entering the workforce, or planning for a long-term savings goal to help women in California be prepared to succeed financially.

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