Protecting California’s Environment and Fighting Climate Change

As chair and a member of the State Lands Commission, Betty acted to decommission California’s only-remaining nuclear power plant and led the dismantling of the state’s last oil platform in the Santa Barbara Channel. She is fighting to protect public access to public beaches and waterways. She works closely with ports to improve the air quality of surrounding communities and has strengthened requirements for marine terminal operators who use state waterways to transport their crude oil to market. On the Commission, Betty led the way to unanimously outlaw any new drilling off the California coast.  Betty will never stop speaking out as one of California’s strongest voices in the fight to combat climate change. She’s actively working to accelerate the transition to renewable energy through low-carbon investments, corporate engagement, and policy advocacy related to climate change. Betty has served as California’s representative at global investor summits around the world, as well as the One Planet Summit at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron.

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